Abandoned Property

NH RSA 471C is the law regarding abandoned and unclaimed property and how you can recover it. One example is when a financial institution holds your money in an account, and there has been no owner initiated account activity, or you have not communicated regarding the account for a period of five years, the institution presumes it is abandoned.

At this point the institution reports and remits it to the State Treasurer who acts as custodian of the property. The reported owners name is advertised statewide in a newspaper and a notice is sent to the owners last known address as reported. Upon establishing ownership you may reclaim your property from the Treasury Abandoned Property Division.
Filing a claim form and presenting documentation to establish your identity and ownership of the property is required. For further information and to obtain a claim form contact the New Hampshire Abandoned Property Division.
New Hampshire State Treasury:

  • Hours of operation – Monday to Friday 8AM-4PM (except for New Hampshire state holidays)
  • Contact Treasury:
    State of New Hampshire Treasury, 25 Capitol Street, Room 121, Concord, NH 03301
    Phone: 603.271.2621
    Fax: 603.271.3922
    Email: treasury@treasury.state.nh.us
  • Contact Unclaimed Property:
    Phone: 800.791.0920 or 603.271.2619
    Email: ap@treasury.state.nh.us